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  1. Thanks! ... and Congratulations!
  2. SX4 in the snow
  3. Are we still posting the important threads on here?
  4. That damn liberal media
  5. Old Forum???
  6. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Owners!
  7. Review, Thoughts and Observations on my new 2010 SX4..
  8. Things I Wish Came Standard on My SX4
  9. What will and won't void my warranty?
  10. Happy Thanksgiving!
  11. Club SX4 Stickers
  12. I guess this means i really really like Suzuki's
  13. Amazing SX4!
  14. invisible blinkers
  15. How many people have had issues with their Syncros?
  16. Wheel and Tire Forum?
  17. Northwest toy run 2010
  18. Suzuki at 2011 LAAS
  19. SX4 Lift Kit - Generation 2
  20. AWD Stick W/ CC
  21. Another Suzuki in the stable
  22. Retrofit- Suzuki Steering Wheel
  23. Taking a long trip..
  24. Finally Official!
  25. Ebay Crossbars?
  26. Finally made it
  27. Give me your opinion: Suzuki SX4 VS Subaru Impreza
  28. how much it takes you to fill up the sx4 gas tank ?
  29. Avg mpg ???
  30. How long would you wait....
  31. Any benefit in using 93oct fuel?
  32. Brake pads
  33. Miles on your sx4
  34. DIY for changing the air filter?
  35. Any Benefit in Using Oil Additives?
  36. What should be my next mod?
  37. Guess im NOT getting a spoiler :(
  38. Window Tint % ???
  39. Battery in the trunk/hatch
  40. Question for ROAD RACE
  41. traded my sx4
  42. Torque for sand & snow
  43. Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  44. I'll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours
  45. Thin Gas Tank Walls...
  46. SX4 Sportwagon
  47. newbie here! car shopping... opinions wanted!
  48. driving in the rain
  49. Top Gear USA SX4
  50. Warm up car OR Start and drive... In cold weather
  51. Manual Transmission - Shift Points
  52. License plate holes plugs anyone?
  53. Spare Tire?
  54. May 7th is now Suzuki SX4 day
  55. Roof Rack Cargo Boxes & the SX4 Crossover
  56. Suzuki SX4 reliability - please sign up (if you haven't already)
  57. How to attach the Hellas
  58. General Offroad abililty
  59. pitching and rolling?
  60. Pics of RRO w/ 215/65/16's?
  61. 100,00K Service = $1300
  62. Masterkit1 lift kit
  63. Windshield washer fluid recipes
  64. worst day ever
  65. Stainless headers anyone?!?!
  66. First New Car, so...
  67. 4WD LOCK is da ish!
  68. i-awd light flashing??
  69. missing floormat hook ?
  70. '08 Crossover traction control
  71. Door Sag?
  72. Seat cover users: style and fit questions
  73. Does anyone one have a Turbo?
  74. Roof rack cross bar maker?
  75. SX4 Insurance Rating
  76. ESP Function
  77. Suzuki OEM alarm question re: key FOB
  78. Front End Noise
  79. so i guess this is goodbye...
  80. Aftermarket Ignition Amplifier?
  81. Pedal placement???
  82. SX4 AWD in the snow
  83. My car is ****ED!!!!
  84. Low fuel indicator light - how much gas is left when it comes on (AWD)?
  85. additional keys
  86. Electronic Gauge - Miles to empty
  87. Booster Pack?
  88. Primitive Racing Skid Plates?
  89. Playing in the snow....
  90. belt tensioner pulley?
  91. Offroad/Truck Wheels
  92. moral of story/my apologies....
  93. engine bay full of snow
  94. Is it just me or does the 2011 SX4 have less features than the 2010????
  95. Let's tell suzuki how we feel
  96. got a sx4... some questions
  97. Looking to buy an sx4 or (whispers Fiat Sedici)
  98. Am I in the same world as before?
  99. The "I didn't buy my SX4 for performance and I am keeping it bone stock" thread
  100. Thule roof rack adapters
  101. For Those With "Smart" Key
  102. Should I trade up?
  103. What is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  104. Freezing wipers
  105. Lost End Cap For Suzuki Crossbar @_@
  106. Seating idea
  107. Cold-Weather Camping...
  108. Deep snow driving...
  109. When is the end of the sx4?
  110. SX4 at altitude
  111. Best place for Suzuki Sport parts?
  112. What wing would you go with?
  113. Harrisburg Auto Show
  114. Trail Drives
  115. Thinking of getting the SX4 as a cheap, fun, compact adventure vehicle
  116. New welcome screen!
  117. Did I Miss This?
  118. AWD terms and variations
  119. I'm going to sell my turbo SX4
  120. So I have an SX4.. now snow beater?
  121. Ice and snow + lazy pick up driver = new windshield
  122. Another Use For the SX4,,,,,,Snow Plow
  123. Aftermarket? Whats next?
  124. Is my mpg-o-meter lying to me? 37.8 MPG AVG cruising 55mph freeway?
  125. HELP!!!!! Parts needed.
  126. Got a ticket today
  127. GoPro HD HERO camera - Suzuki SX4 Crossover: SNOW DRIFT II
  128. GoPro HD HERO camera - Suzuki SX4 Crossover: SNOW DRIFT II
  129. GoPro HD HERO camera - Suzuki SX4 Crossover: SNOW DRIFT I
  130. GoPro HD HERO camera - Suzuki SX4 Crossover: Puddles #1
  131. Any SX4's in Upstate NY?
  132. New SX4 Owner on Board. Anyone from Australia here!
  133. how does your car deal with sub 0 temps
  134. Saab may re-enter WRC
  135. Toyota-Suzuki-SX4
  136. ROAD/RACE SX4 Beast Project
  137. Loss of traction '09 Crossover
  138. would like to say hello
  139. Loving my 2011 SX4 Crossover
  140. A year older...
  141. Road///Race front bumper?
  142. What inspired me to buy my car.
  143. Recall: Suzuki SX-4s and Grand Vitaras
  144. After Two Weeks of Driving. I got 310KM out of a full tank of Fuel. Is that Normal?
  145. Newbie
  146. could the sx4 sedans be able to look like a wrc car.
  147. looking at buying either an sti or focus rs
  148. SX4 Range Challenge!
  149. RRM SX4 Piggyback ECU Auto 07-09, INSTALLED
  150. What the hell is rattling?
  151. Anyone else go though phases??
  152. Found my new Steering wheel!
  153. SX4 2WD vs 4WD
  154. DirtySuzuki
  155. Good deal on Kizashi, if anyone is thinking about one
  156. DashDAQ-XL
  157. Coldest display temp
  158. THe small window in the front block the driver view a lot
  159. lol student drivers
  160. dirtyzuki poll
  161. converting to AWD (esteem)
  162. My MPG test data
  163. Cruise and Shifting
  164. Hyper-miling!
  165. Malfunction Indicator Light
  166. you guys will like this... samurai to teach the kids how to drive.
  167. My car tried to kill me
  168. Again? Really?
  169. AWD in reverse
  170. When Is Italian Better Than Japanese?
  171. Suzuki Electric Scooter...
  172. best motor oil
  173. SX4's Weight ???
  174. Genuine Suzuki Accessories Sales Announcement
  175. Road Trip went GREAT!!
  176. Hayabusa engine on cars
  177. Kayak Carriers on Suzuki OEM Crossbars - Will Yakima Hullraiser Aero work?
  178. sx4 sedan
  179. Calling out a guy in Gary, IN.
  180. Suzuki roof mount bike carrier?
  181. Sweet new little symbol thing for the forum on my favorites!
  182. help! brand new car and car does not work.
  183. Test drove 2011 Crossover today
  184. Just got home from the dealer and...
  185. Ultra-Gauge now with metric
  186. Any NO DRILL trailer hitch for AWD crossover
  187. Windshield stoning day
  188. SX4 equals parent issues...
  189. How to buy my car?!?!
  190. Oil analysis...
  191. I used to dislike the...
  192. Darn ! I broke the plastic on my remote door opener !
  193. Yahoo features kizashi on front page!!!
  194. Suzuki SX4 vs Nissan Juke
  195. Do you like Street Rods, Vintage and Classic Cars?
  196. Car is still rock solid ar 80k
  197. Automatic transmission cooler
  198. Texas raising speed limit to highest in the nation...
  199. The SX4 CAN get great mileage
  200. Warning for all with the SRI
  201. bad luck i thought ... good luck in the end :o)
  202. Suzuki SX4 vs Cops Speed Trap
  203. Suzuki and Road Race
  204. Maximum tire width?
  205. Warranty almost up...
  206. RTFM!! Man people are stupid.
  207. RRM Customer Service at it's best......
  208. New Titles?
  209. My Apologies
  210. FYI: Promotion thru 4/23 at Advance Auto Parts
  211. Road trip west
  212. what can fit in your car :-)
  213. Road trip!!!!
  214. Suzuki Sport Racing parts
  215. Road Trip to FL = Success!
  216. All My Toys
  217. Turbo< turbo<turbo> 2010-2011
  218. Check out this sweet Suzuki for sale near me! JDM goodness....
  219. Some SX4 parts possibly for sale
  220. Which alarm system to buy?
  221. Major issue with my Kizashi
  222. Have you used "SeaFoam"???
  223. Read this law and tell me what you think.
  224. uhaul hitch
  225. backup camera
  226. Blue suzukis are targets aparantly.
  227. traded in my sx4 :\
  228. june 4th Track time
  229. june 4th Track time
  230. Took A Very Different Kind Of Ride This Morning...
  231. Drive by wire
  232. Hot Air Balloon Goes Through Branches of Tree Tops
  233. Suzuki in China
  234. Blown Head Gasket
  235. Recently got a big a$$ door ding
  236. OEM Cross Bars or Thule?
  237. Happy with my MPG
  238. I wish I knew....
  239. 5,500-Mile Trip Across Country in 3-Minute Video
  240. Went to the tire place today...lol
  241. Size foglamp
  242. Kizashi drivers
  243. WTA rear lamp's bulbs euro version
  244. Good bye SX4, it's been really fun!
  245. Look who has some new skin
  246. New pics/stuff
  247. RRO Lift Installation
  248. SX4 sand driving,
  249. Denied warranty work because of SRI
  250. Placeholders for Switches?