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  1. New Colorado Owner
  2. ciao a tutti dall'italia!
  3. New Owner from NY State (Hudson Valley)
  4. Mud flaps
  5. Hello All! from "The Natural State" Arkansas
  6. About to be a new owner... advice?
  7. Owned it for about a year now
  8. new owner of a 09 sx4 hatchback
  9. Looking to buy, but I can't deside.
  10. No new users for a couple of weeks
  11. SX4 Crossover 2011 Owner from the Philippines
  12. New user from South Africa
  13. New to the Club
  14. Proud New Owner of a 2012 SX4 in Oregon
  15. New member from Illinois - 2008 SX4 AWD Hatch Touring - Deep Sea Blue Metallic
  16. If You Never Received Your Confirmation Email
  17. nice to be back....
  18. Who's Who in Admins and Moderators!
  19. New member from NE USA
  20. New Owner from Pennsylvania! 2012 Crossover 6-speed
  21. Hello From The Great White North
  22. Pittsburgher
  23. Hello from Trinidad
  24. New Member from Pacific Northwest
  25. Hello from VA
  26. hello from P.R :)
  27. Recommendations for new tires for a 2012 SX4 Crossover
  28. Good day!
  29. Alternator Questoin on my 2008 SX4 Crossover
  30. Hello from WV
  31. Hola from Barcelona, Spain!
  32. New from ohio
  33. Hola/Hi from Chile!!!
  34. Emails from me are not currently working regularly
  35. thread order ?
  36. Facebook and twitter pages!
  37. Indiana Grand Vitara owner looking for other Midwestern Zooks!
  38. Hello from Russia!
  39. Hello from the Volunteer State!
  40. I kinda missed to intro myself. So Howdy fellas?
  41. Hello from OK!
  42. Hello from me!
  43. Hi, New to the forum and to Suzuki
  44. More Problems with Hotmail
  45. New SX4 owner in Utah
  46. New Found SX4 Love.
  47. New Member from ZA, not so new SX4
  48. Another new member with an old SX/4 in CA
  49. New member saying 'hello'!
  50. Hey hi hello
  51. hello from a noob in the uk
  52. New guy from MN!
  53. Noob alert!
  54. New to Suzuki, from Mexico.
  55. Hey there,from Wisconsin!
  56. Fresh to the SX4 Forums
  57. New to Club SX4 and 1st Suzuki Car
  58. Hi there
  59. Hello from Southern California
  60. New member
  61. Potential SX4 Owner
  62. New SX4 Owner Saying Hello From Pennsylvania!!
  63. Almost SX4 owner checking in!
  64. Just got a new Suzuki SX4 JXL!
  65. New member from Southern California
  66. Noob from NH
  67. Hi,
  68. SX4 newbie.
  69. Newbie from Manila Philippines
  70. Just purchased 2007 Suzuki SX4 JLX AWD from Toronto!
  71. Question about spare tire size
  72. New owner
  73. Vacuum line
  74. Looking at a 2008 SX4, what to look for and what you think
  75. Soon to be SX4 owner from NE Indiana!
  76. Said goodbye to my good and faithful SX4
  77. Just Another New Kid on the Block
  78. New SX4 Owner in the Land of 585
  79. 09 SX4 - Good, Bad, Ugly! lol
  80. Hi from Guatemala
  81. New SX4 owner from South Africa
  82. New Member from Down-Under
  83. New Member from the Philippines
  84. My new copper penny!
  85. New to Suzuki's from Southwestern Ontario Canada
  86. New to the SX4 club from Dallas, TX
  87. Hello from central Maine!
  88. Finally got pics of my sx4
  89. Another Canuck (YEG, AB)
  90. Fault codes P2119 throttle body range performance no revs!!!!
  91. Hi to all!!!
  92. Newbie
  93. Hi all
  94. Saying Hello again
  95. Hello from NJ
  96. Hello everybody!
  97. New SX4 owner
  98. I'm new here so hello everyone & please HELP?
  99. Been here for a while but not really here
  100. Hello from Canada
  101. Hello from beautiful sunnyish upstate NY
  102. Hello from Serbia
  103. Hello from Seattle!
  104. Hello From Asheville
  105. (Pics) Another NC member Meet Zippy
  106. Hello from Metro Detroit
  107. New here, hello everyone. Hopefully someone can help me out!
  108. ABS Problem
  109. Hi, new guy here...
  110. Hello from Philly, PA
  111. Buy lift kit in PA?
  112. From Taos, New Mexico
  113. Guidance on Maintenance Costs/Reliability
  114. Which brake pads?
  115. hi everyone
  116. New member
  117. New member - SX4 2010 AWD owner
  118. Hello from Vancouver ,Canada
  119. Decisions decisions!
  120. Forum noob and sx4 noob
  121. Hello !
  122. Aerio to SX4, the Zook Journey!
  123. Photobucket Pictures-For-Ransom Fix
  124. Introduction - Saying Hi!
  125. Hi from Holmfirth England
  126. Hello from Montreal
  127. New guy from VA!
  128. Hello Everyone from Delaware USA
  129. Coolant noob question
  130. Hello from Seattle, WA
  131. Greetings from Alabama
  132. Rally Armor mudflaps
  133. How to tell what engine type you have?
  134. Got myself a 2015 S-cross - three things to discuss with you people...
  135. Got myself a 2015 S-cross - three things to discuss with you people...
  136. New Owner in Wisconsin
  137. Noob from nowhere
  138. New guy from Florida
  139. Sx4 revived
  140. New to SX4
  141. Just bought a 2007 SX4 htb after my 2010 sx4 was totalled out last fall
  142. New owner (Brazil)
  143. New guy from the UK
  144. New SX4 owner from California
  145. New-ish owner in Ohio
  146. New boy from County Durham, England
  147. New owner from Alps, in Italy!
  148. New Member - Excited to Join 2009 SX4 AWD Hatchback
  149. Hello everyone
  150. Hello!
  151. My first SX4
  152. 2007 Front Differential Issues?
  153. Been looking for months. The temptation only grows stronger
  154. Valve cover gasket replacement
  155. Noob from the UK
  156. New to the forum
  157. New Owner from Iowa
  158. Good morning, new owner here in CA
  159. Hello sx4 from Chile
  160. Scotty from New Jersey USA