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  1. DIY: Led ambient illumination, power window switches and door handle pockets!
  2. How to: debadge the hatch
  3. How to - install tein s-techs!
  4. How to: Install RRM Intake kit
  5. How to: Split Second ECU Piggyback M/T
  6. How to: Remove Silver Trim From Bumper Covers
  7. HOWTO - Installing a rear 12V socket
  8. How to: Change headlight bulbs - With pictures
  9. How to: Ground Wire
  10. How to: Disable DRLs
  11. How to: Install louder horns
  12. How to: Fog Lamps With Either City Light Or High Beam
  13. How to: Change diff fluid (AWD)
  14. How to: DIY Fill front license plate holes
  15. DIY Aux Jack for Non-GPS Stock HUs
  16. How To: Cheap Lower Grill Protection
  17. How To: MP3 Console Jack
  18. Longer Subaru Legacy Rear wiper for SX4 Hatch
  19. How to remove the Head Unit
  20. How to: DIY Black housings (Joey mod)-detailed with pics
  21. How to: Electronic Throttle Controller
  22. How to remove the rear number plate holder
  23. How to: Install Suzuki Fog lamps
  24. How To: Remove Front Bumper / Install SS Cooling Ventilator
  25. How To: Tighten Recalled Mirrors
  26. How to read tire code n manufacturing dates
  27. How to Install a Hitch with Minimal Drilling
  28. How to Install Rally Armor Universal Mudflaps
  29. How to RRM Front Sway bar (from SX4club)
  30. SX4 Intake mod.
  31. How do I install the Under Drive Pulley????
  32. How To: Install Primitive Racing Front and Rear Skid Plates
  33. How To : Rear Seat Removal (07-09 Hatchback)
  34. How to search the old forum (sx4club.com) if you're not a member
  35. How Do I...
  36. DIY: Bi-Xenon projector retrofit
  37. How To: Shave Roof Racks
  38. How To: Install hydraulic hood dampers
  39. DIY short ram intake 2010+
  40. for all you with SRI
  41. How to use the "Ignore Member" feature....
  42. Help: Can't get the hitch into position
  43. How to remove steering controls for paint.
  44. How to replace rear view mirror?
  45. Extension for Roof Rack
  46. How-To Install LED Side View Mirror Covers
  47. Where to lift and place jack stands on SX4
  48. Where to find hood vents?
  49. How To: Remove/Modify the Crash Bar
  50. How can I safely remove dashboard???
  51. How to add a beeper to your turn signals
  52. $10.00 Hatch Pop
  53. Roating Cables through The fire wall.
  54. any idea how to light up back reflector? *PICTURE INSIDE*
  55. 2010-2011 RRO Skid Plate modification
  56. A Tale of Two Torque Wrenches
  57. Rro rock/sliders (install)
  58. How to install Auxiliary lights (Driving Lights) the easy way.
  59. How to start car with out pressing the clutch?
  60. How To: Configure USB to Serial Data Adapter
  61. How To: Tune with the R4 Controller Software
  62. How To: Install Zeitronix Zt-2
  63. How to do a "homebrew" alignment after front suspension work
  64. A cheap way to lift your sx4
  65. How to remove right side headlight bulb in 2011 Sx4
  66. How To: Easily Adjust Front Coilover Dampers
  67. How To: Retain Steering wheel Controls with Alpine Head Unit and ASWC
  68. How to replace your stock Garmin Nuvi
  69. Install ebay aftermarket A/C control knobs.
  70. sx4 roof Rack ?
  71. Inner Tie-Rod
  72. Roof lining, SRS + fitting of VHF/UHF antennae
  73. Trim Piece fell off...
  74. LED Side Marker Lights
  75. how to SRI + K&N Apollo WARNING LARGE PICTURES
  76. cel eliminator mounting
  77. How to wire Chinese Headlights
  78. changing fuses tips/tricks
  79. Template & Instructions for attaching Suzuki Rear Spoiler on HB??? Anyone have this?
  80. How to install genuine Suzuki fog lights
  81. plasti dip
  82. Easy transfer case and differential fluid change
  83. DIY front skid plate
  84. Universal Trailer Wiring Harness Install
  85. Install the Factory Security System
  86. Leaves in my squirrel cage
  87. Super Clean Power Cable Install
  88. How to remove the lower rear seat cushion in a 2010 (and probably later) SX4
  89. How To: USB outlet in console
  90. Change fog lights to driving lights.
  91. Frnot Seat Bolts
  92. How to pass NJ inspection with a bad cat.
  93. Interior LED || Multicolor || Instructions || Easy
  94. Install Wolo Horns
  95. DIY Rear Cargo Liner on the cheap ($12)
  96. Help me install ECU Piggy for 2010+
  97. Replace Front Brake Pads
  98. How I moved my seat back 3" and raised it 0.4"
  99. How Can I disassemble These Covers?
  100. Utility trailer / tow hitch
  101. Installing the Auto Dimming Mirror 990B0-35007
  102. How To: Stop glove box rattle
  103. I need a new cheap DIY project.
  104. Nav on the cheap
  105. Center High Mount Brake Lamp
  106. How to remove side mirror colored part!!!
  107. Autostrada cruise control help?
  108. Stop, Tail, & Turn Signal Bulbs for sedan replacement
  109. Love this show!
  110. How to replace blinker/flasher relay with a louder one
  111. How To: Install Short Shift Kit [Five Speed 07-09] (Laile Beatrush)
  112. How To: Install AEM F/IC (07-09 J20A SX4)
  113. How To - Rear Spoiler installation on a hatchback
  114. Front Brakes
  115. Youtube SX4 DIY videos
  116. How to: Custom Intake J20B
  117. anyone changes their own brake rotors lately?
  118. Fuel tank straps
  119. Water pump dismount & install
  120. Question about changing all fluids -- ramps vs needing car level -- other purchases
  121. Automatic lights turn on - module
  122. shift cable?
  123. Some quick tips and notes after doing some maintenance on the SX4
  124. How uninstall and install Roof railings
  125. 2010 6 speed fill and drain plugs
  126. Dual-Tone Horn Upgrade
  127. Oil Fiter Relocation
  128. MAF Sensor help needed
  129. Enable factory DRL in non US markets
  130. Sx4 rear wiper Delete DIY
  131. Hauling Plywood
  132. Low profile crossbars
  133. 2012 xm radio
  134. Serentine Belt / Alternator Replacement - 2011 Canadian SX4
  135. How To: CDV Delete / Install Stainless Clutch Line (07-09 5MT)
  136. Cluster j20b in a j20a
  137. remote
  138. How to install new refrigerator?
  139. How to handle refrigerants safely?
  140. Cricket!
  141. Trouble replacing CV axles?
  142. Need advice to fix hole in my bumper
  143. Engine Swap 2009 SX4 AWD
  144. Propshaft centre bearing and shaft splitting
  145. DIY side Awning
  146. Noise from body panel
  147. How to check a real mileage of SX4?
  148. Instructions for RRM SS psc1-003 piggyback for 07-09 MT
  149. Seat rail extensions
  150. A/C lines
  151. Radio replacement
  152. How to adjust headlight aiming on suzuki sx4 sedan
  153. How to replace your water pump J20B fewest moves.