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  1. First pair of Hella eyes...
  2. OEM bug deflector
  3. Front Wiper Blade Sizes
  4. Rear Wing
  5. Sugru
  6. Rear 12V Outlets
  7. Fix hatch handle 2006
  8. Carbon fibre parts from China
  9. OEM Leather steering wheel - Audio Controls - Cruise swap thread
  10. air ride in the works
  11. Accessories Supplier in UK
  12. Spare Tire Carrier for SX4?
  13. Bosal swan neck tow bar
  14. fender panel plastic pop fastener
  15. White gauges!
  16. HELP!! Centre Mounted Brake Light in Sedan
  17. Hood protector
  18. I cut my "S" off..
  19. Does the magnaflow 14210 rust over time?
  20. pop up gps panel re-placement
  21. S Class Headlight for Sx4
  22. NovLine floor mat
  23. 2009 sx4 crossover Aux Cable Help
  24. Auto-Dimming Mirror option...prewired?
  25. SX4 From Turkey!
  26. Map light question..
  27. Armrest question
  28. Anyone else's badges tarnished?
  29. building a subwoofer case without loosing trunk space
  30. Sew on steering wheel cover
  31. will GLX roof rails fit GL without rails
  32. Suzuki Canada Floor Mats (full set)
  33. Yellow Insect Droppings Removal?
  34. Blank switches next to hand brake
  35. temperature and fuel consomation metrics changed to U.S :/
  36. Needing this part, can anyone help?
  37. Findway Canada 3D Floor Liners
  38. Stock CD Player Reads CD-RW
  39. Cool Maruti bumper with integrated driving light holes?
  40. Smoked tails
  41. Need Help With Part Info!!!
  42. Used replacement rear bumper for sedan
  43. HID Headlights
  44. HID error lights?
  45. Brigther license plate led's
  46. Floor Mats for 2007 Hatchback
  47. Swap the headlight motor
  48. Dash trim???
  49. Need a rear cargo cover for an '09 hatchback, suggestions?
  50. Washer nozzles suck
  51. Looking for Garmin Nuvi 2390
  52. seatbelt replacement?
  53. Swap 2012 steering wheel into 2009 SX4?
  54. Coat Hook on Back Seat
  55. Any advice on this roof rack bar, aero pad, and cargo box setup.
  56. Need photo of the hood deflector bumpers for SuZuki carbon fiber hood protector
  57. White paint, contaminants everywhere...Looks like rust.
  58. Adding a hidden 12v outlet to the top of the dash?
  59. My armrest installation (generic vs oem)
  60. My homemade trunk cargo box for 2008 sx4 crossover
  61. Sapporo Shift Knob :D
  62. Tie-downs
  63. What is this part #/title and can it be bought online?
  64. Restoring the AWD badge
  65. Question for those who had a hitch installed -- ground clearance effects?
  66. Anyone has ideas for DIY wide side molding?
  67. Sunroof install?
  68. Sportback lip on a crossover?
  69. The Ebay 7 pin/screw spoiler installation
  70. How To Replace and repair the side Mirror
  71. Map Light Bulbs
  72. Probable Dashcam Purchase
  73. How bout white mirror covers
  74. Front emblem removal
  75. Thinking of buying new projector lights
  76. please help im looking for kit
  77. Driving lamp bar
  78. The SX4 leather seats mystery solved!
  79. How do I mould the black rear bumper trim
  80. Radio swap
  81. What is the name of this piece?
  82. Looking due a light bar
  83. Rear hatch gas struts.
  84. How is called this part?
  85. Buddt Bought a new Welder...
  86. SS exhaust tip 990B0-34011
  87. Findway floor liners
  88. 2012 radios vs 2011 radios
  89. replacement plastic radio shield
  90. Has anyone made the swap to leather seats?
  91. SX4 slid into a poke... need a front bumper, but looking for a body kit. Suggestions?
  92. Front seat bolts 2008 AWD hatch
  93. Removing long cover above rear license plate
  94. Suzuki sx4 Sport Sedan Vis Front Lip
  95. Adding Heated Seats
  96. Climate control knobs
  97. OBD port location
  98. can i add cruise control for my 2010 sedan sx4?
  99. rubber pads for cup holders and more?
  100. My SX4 Tased me. ... in the fanny. (Heated Seat Short)
  101. passenger wiper arm broke
  102. Not so bad for a daily driver
  103. Stock 2010 Fog light kit ?
  104. Baked the headlights
  105. Automatic Climate Control A/C Button
  106. Fixing the Automatic Climate Control Too Hot Problem
  107. Lcd display instead of Center dash speaker?
  108. How to aim headlights?
  109. Anyone installed LED projector foglights?
  110. Tinted my Sport tail lights
  111. Cargo space dimentions seat up and seat down
  112. Suzuki OEM Crossbar Instructions Scan?
  113. Rotating Backup Camera
  114. Interior parts needed....Wife Broke something
  115. Anyone ever installed wood dashboard trim kit?
  116. SX4 Roof Bars
  117. Dash GPS bracket question
  118. Has this happened to anyone?
  119. Replacement crossbar end caps
  120. Got my SX4 Lifted
  121. Recommend a sun shade?
  122. Light bars - i need some advice on placement and mounting
  123. upgrade suzuki sx4 radio with navigation?
  124. touch up paint
  125. Top case ready for travel. Needs paint.
  126. Fog Light Covers
  127. Black fender trim
  128. OEM sx4 mags 16 and 17 inch will they fit on other vehicles?
  129. SX4 touch up paint.
  130. Headlight sealant
  131. SX4 auto glass
  132. The real WRC wing, can you buy it somehow?
  133. SX4 offroad D-ring Shackle
  134. Suggestions for a cheap stereo replacement
  135. Garmin GTM 10 or GTM 11?
  136. looking for a front spoiler
  137. Tactical Seat Covers
  138. Rear Laser light
  139. SX4 styling
  140. Looking for any input on aftermarket gearknob
  141. Mounting roof rack straight onto the roof, possible?
  142. New ashtray / glasses / pen / coin holders on ebay uk
  143. Plasti dipped a bit
  144. Another LED Dome Light Upgrade
  145. 'AWD' trunk emblem, what SKU/product id?
  146. Extreme Camber, does it exist for the SX4 hot hatch?
  147. Spray touchup paint
  148. Custom Metal Roof Rack Bars or What Model Yakima Q Towers Work?
  149. Airbag Suspension on Suzuki SX4! Best Value?
  150. Silver trim dash vents and other interior upgrades?
  151. Driver's Side Door Weatherstrip "Gasket" ?
  152. Windshield banner
  153. audio auxiliar for ipod
  154. Question about rusting metal part on underbody of car
  155. Anyone replaced the hatchback liftgate struts? part numbers?
  156. driverside mirror glass
  157. Lighted Steering Wheel Controls
  158. Rear bumper hit
  159. Cup Holder Question
  160. Short shifter
  161. Remove exterior plastic panels on doors?
  162. Led strips
  163. Making Garmin use all speakers
  164. Retrofit finally done.
  165. Side View Mirror Repair
  166. Plastic liner/lip wrap
  167. Black Plastic front bumper molding piece, maybe its only for European Cars?
  168. Anyone have pictures of hatchback wings currently available?
  169. Headlight leaking in
  170. I am looking for an OEM Silver Spoiler and Wing Lip
  171. SX4 Overhead Console
  172. door seal / gaskets
  173. Oem roof rack studs
  174. Roof Rail End Caps
  175. Windshield banner
  176. Tpms dash light removal
  177. audio controls
  178. Rear seat cover
  179. Weatherstrip Care
  180. My New Thule Roof Racks
  181. Fender flares for the sx4?
  182. Roof Mounted Light Bar
  183. Custom trailer hitch
  184. Fog light kit
  185. Gps mount part 990B0-35008
  186. iAWD Decal
  187. Installing GPS Antenna
  188. long shift knob
  189. Projector / angel Eyes headlights
  190. Heavy Duty Cargo Rack Brackets
  191. WTB Crossover Rear Driver Side Wheel Arch Trim Piece
  192. New to me SX4 need advice!
  193. HID install
  194. Bull/nudge bars
  195. Non-tubular nudge bar
  196. Rally style rear spoiler
  197. Centre console chrome trim pieces
  198. Dashboard USB Port?
  199. In dash GPS/DVD recommendation
  200. auxiliary lights
  201. Grille help..
  202. Moisture under floor mat
  203. [W] I'd rather be riding my Suzuki (License Plate Frame) [H] Paypal
  204. Good headlamp upgrade?
  205. Back seat cushion pops off of latch
  206. Are sedan and crossover seats interchangeable?
  207. Interchangeable body parts with sedan and hatch
  208. Steering wheel control with aux cable
  209. Trying to replace my rotors!
  210. 09 Steering Wheel Size?
  211. FREE Rear Passenger Door
  212. Had my calipers done
  213. Sinosmart9" Android Headunit
  214. AC/air vents driver and passenger side
  215. Front Bumper?
  216. Cross bar and Cargo basket combo
  217. Debadging
  218. Suzuki SX4 with 25% tint
  219. front seat replacement
  220. Headlight comparison
  221. SX4 Sedan
  222. Sedan front bumper lip.
  223. 08 upper dash in 12
  224. Cargo cover
  225. SX4 Android MTCD Headunit install
  226. Android stereo
  227. Looking for parts .............. but where?
  228. Basket
  229. Mudflap attachment points?
  230. Kratos Style Tire Carrier
  231. Stone guard
  232. Strut brace
  233. A friendly reminder
  234. Door lock/unlock problem!!
  235. Light bar ideas
  236. Swift Sport shift knob won't thread
  237. Rally Armor mudflaps
  238. Converting your trunk
  239. WinCE Stereo installation
  240. RRO lift kit?
  241. Missing section of spoiler
  242. Door weatherstrip coming off????
  243. How to upgrade car radio?
  244. Dropped Object in Windshield Air Vent
  245. Interior options.
  246. i tried washing my motor...now i have car trouble
  247. Garmin 2390 falling out of bracket
  248. Rattle from front right bumper/fender.
  249. A new look
  250. Electrical issue