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  1. eBay strut and front lower tie bar
  2. RRM/Split Second Piggyback vs. Dynotronics ECU Reflash
  3. Water meth?
  4. Brakeperformance.com?
  5. King Springs for the SX4 hatch and sedan
  6. Decided against the Monroe shocks
  7. Dynotronics ECU post-flash experiences
  8. My lost ECU
  9. Synthetic Oil = More HPs & Torque
  10. what are the lowest coil overs?
  11. Throttle response after ecu reflash...
  12. Not so custom intake
  13. '04 WRX stock exhaust on SX4?
  14. Roadrace.com stage3 performance upgrade kit
  15. What is the real potential for the SX4 (crossover)?
  16. Dyno on the cheap?
  17. Eibachs vs Grip
  18. question for the carbon fiber hood& bumper people
  19. MAF sensor adapter
  20. j20b in to the 15's
  21. RRM Turbo kit reliabilty.
  22. Overload rear springs?
  23. Suspension upgrades?
  24. j20a turbo build
  25. Trailer question
  26. new rotors
  27. RRM SRI & pulley--your thoughts?
  28. If you have an SX4 2.0 DDiS MT (Euro spec)
  29. any one try this yet?
  30. Brakes overheated. Remedies?
  31. catalytic converter deletion (info)
  32. Vitara mecanic in a sx4??
  33. 1.6 rrm piggyback maps
  34. Front and Rear LSD
  35. RRM G.R.I.P Springs stiffness
  36. How does/would've our SX4s performed on these tests?
  37. RRM still making 2009-2012 turbo kit?
  38. corn-fed country SX4
  39. Question about rrm piggyback tune
  40. Spirited driving
  41. deep snow and slow speed
  42. Reading Airbag Codes?
  43. GF ECU Chips
  44. Proformace mods you would like to see?
  45. Would this exhaust fit?
  46. Srt4 axle back modified.
  47. Ksport AR coil-over set-up
  48. Performance chips
  49. Crazy question
  50. Alternative to the 2010-2012 Suzuki SX4 RRM Intake
  51. Proper camber settings
  52. Ultra Racing vs RRM rear sway bar (install difficultly and mount )
  53. Body bracing. Going to build
  54. Suspension "rake"
  55. Armor for my rear end
  56. stupid air box question.
  57. Triple digits
  58. Will this generate any interest?
  59. Finished product.
  60. Upgrades?
  61. Wheel chirp question.
  62. A new Idea
  63. Increased rate springs
  64. Difference between 2wd and 4wd lowering springs
  65. sensatrac's limiting rear suspension travel
  66. Dynotronics
  67. Mock up
  68. Is this chip any good?
  69. Problems with RRm rear sway?
  70. Weight of RRM rear sway bar
  71. Megan Racing Coilover damper setting question...
  72. Performance mods that wont void my warranty?
  73. Will this be of any interest
  74. Fuel & Brake lines protection
  75. CEIKA performance ... anyone heard of this?
  76. which coilovers?
  77. Techna-Fit Brakelines
  78. Do Lightweight Pulleys Actually Damage Your Engine?
  79. Upgraded bushings
  80. CAI and CEL
  81. Off-road performance
  82. tired of 0-30 low power
  83. Best real MPG performer?
  84. Softest springs for the 1.6 AWD
  85. Exhaust reroute?
  86. Bump understeer?
  87. I need help
  88. 2.0 6MT SX4 0-100 km acceleration time is how much?
  89. Tein Basic or Megan racing ?
  90. looking for some cooling
  91. carbon fiber hood project.
  92. Small Mods on M16A
  93. Master cylinder
  94. Lift kit on an SX4 Sedan... Is it possible?
  95. Got Hook?
  96. Stock vs Eibach Pro-Kit vs Grip spring (RRM)
  97. got the piggy soldered
  98. RRO Lift Kit Question
  99. rev limiter question
  100. Custom Brake kits and Coilovers
  101. best intake mods
  102. Can someone post directions for RRM piggy install?
  103. Ever done a mod you truly regretted?
  104. new injectors?
  105. Tuning support for sx4?
  106. Pb brakes bbk
  107. Coilover failure
  108. why does rrm uses 2.5" tube for their intakes and not 3"
  109. Suzuki SX4 4x4 performance
  110. ESP question
  111. Performance chip?
  112. any one delete their air conditioner
  113. kind of fed up with lack of mods. Lets talk big
  114. Thinking of getting this
  115. R1 Concepts Slotted Rotors and Hawk HPS pads
  116. Cyber monday 2013 at Road Race Motorsports
  117. The OEM pulley is an harmonic balancer
  118. CAM questions
  119. Ultraracing Front Sway
  120. No clue if this was already mentioned or not, but thoughts and knowledge on this?
  121. Shifter Solenoid?
  122. Front Light Bar
  123. preparing to purchase sx4 turbo...
  124. Motor mounts
  125. R1 Concepts Rotor Upgrade
  126. Thinking about my first mods
  127. Exhaust Installation & skid plates
  128. 2011 AWD on the dyno!
  129. Suzuki Sport/ MonsterSport Exhaust Clips
  130. Check Engine light flashing, loss of engine power.....
  131. any interest in a stock dyno numbers?
  132. Variable intake on or off for turbo applications.
  133. Alternative oil filter
  134. cutting up the restrictive stock down pipe
  135. would this kit work on the j20A motors in our sx4s?
  136. Cold Air or Short Ram Intakes?
  137. Engine change for SX4 zxi 1.6-india.
  138. Anyone raised their redline? How high did you go?
  139. air intake project.
  140. oem flywheel
  141. wrapping the exhaust manifold
  142. sui's large throttle body swap
  143. more air filter protection
  144. Need opinion on exhaust size
  145. problem after installing RRM piggyback
  146. hello a few questions.
  147. rpm turbo kit
  148. combo charge? supercharger kit with rrm?
  149. Supercharger or Turbo Mod
  150. OME new BP-51 suspension system
  151. Silver State Classic Challenge
  152. CVT not shifting the way it should
  153. Short runner Billet Inake Prototype
  154. Will the rear swaybar fit on Ksport Kontrol coilovers?
  155. Port and Polish
  156. Suzuki SX4 *mechanical center differential conversion thread*
  157. complete brake line kit?
  158. ultimate sleeper
  159. brake/clutch fluid change
  160. 2.5 inch turbo back exhaust (no cats)
  161. Launch control
  162. Aftermarket ATF coolers?
  163. Need opinions on new exhaust setup
  164. Does this video mimic the Roller Test for the SX4?
  165. Before I make this purchase.
  166. You guys think your turbo's are fancy.. Check out my mods!
  167. Headerback exhaust
  168. 100 vs 200 CPSI converters.
  169. Infinity 8 ems
  170. you with turbo's
  171. Want to lower my car.
  172. intake for sx4 09 sedan
  173. Short Ram Intake strike 2....
  174. Interchangeable parts with the Suzuiki Swift (Sport)?
  175. DIY CAI for 2009 sx4 sport sedan.
  176. Underdrive Pulley causing car to die at idle?
  177. Pillow ball Mounts from Swift
  178. Newbie turbocharger question
  179. Just ordered the lift
  180. Orsen shield skid plate?
  181. Custom SRI for J20B
  182. Want to raise my car up higher...
  183. New/Alternative lift option
  184. My Journey Into Gutting a Cat (Pre-Cat)
  185. flywheel ?
  186. Sx4 ecu
  187. Performance chip
  188. Super charger ALL in cost
  189. Highlander exhaust on a Sx4...
  190. Suzuki Mod Exhaust
  191. More mods for the beast :)
  192. What make/model steering wheel hub / boss fits the SX4?
  193. HOWTO: Ultra Racing rear strut tower bar install
  194. Lift kit?
  195. Towing utility trailer
  196. OBD Mobile Phone Display. Help me out guys!
  197. Stupid hypothetical and N00b questions about the ECU conundrum
  198. Why are rear sway bars so expensive and rare?
  199. Sx4 1.6 with M16A Suzuki swift sport engine
  200. Virtual Dyno
  201. Rrm shut off timer?
  202. Turbo Discussion
  203. Weird noise on sx4
  204. SX4 ECU Thread
  205. Originally in Tech Forum but suggested to transfer to here.
  206. blocking off water channels on intake, good or bad?
  207. Bypassing fly-by wire for ITB's question? 2011 SX4 VVT 2.0L
  208. RRM 2010-2014 Suzuki SX4 RRM Piggy Back Qustions
  209. Beginner's mod suggestions
  210. MAD Tooling coil springs Group Buy.
  211. Automat's CEL eliminator
  212. First ever J20B turbo build!
  213. Sway bar info needed
  214. Has anyone tried Tein springs????
  215. Has anyone tried Tein springs????
  216. Hand Held Programmer From Dynotronics
  217. Suzuki Sport spark plug equivalent
  218. MAD tooling coil springs Impressions
  219. Air intake
  220. Anyone have Ksport rollovers?
  221. Piecing together SX4 suspension bits
  222. Nascar cup series auto parts 50% OFF
  223. Exhaust Manifold
  224. shaving strut bumpstops when installing lowering springs
  225. SPC 81250 camber bolts and wheel torque question
  226. Rocky Road Lift Kit Instructions
  227. Suspension install starts this weekend................any helpful hints and tips??
  228. RRM Race Spec Header install questions
  229. rear camber
  230. Back to the steelies
  231. boosting an sx4
  232. Rear seat removal
  233. Fuel injectors upgrade? M16A engine looking for a turbo conversion!
  234. Road Race Motorsports kits?
  235. Custom Engine Swap
  236. J20B Turbo Exhaust Clip.
  237. Blue Driver / all politics aside!
  238. Powerstop Z23 brake kit
  239. Sx4 J20A turbo plans?
  240. Wrc rally carish close too kinda sorta... $? Parts? Etc.
  241. TD04 turbo?
  242. I learned that Manual Transmission fluid level is really important
  243. Motor swap
  244. Motor Swap #2
  245. Best new mod for performance gains!
  246. My new project.
  247. Installing K-Sports coilovers soon
  248. short ram intake install problems
  249. Installed my RRM pulley on my SX4
  250. Kizashi